Wednesday, April 20, 2011

rehearsal chocolate

On the weekend we went to a wonderful wedding, where we partook of some delicious morsels and lots of wine, boogied down to the most classic Rolling Stones cover band (the lead singer had him some moves!) had seconds and possibly thirds of wedding cake - a giant lamington with an American Gothic pitchfork and watched the bride and groom wack chupa chup filled piñatas of themselves with loving gusto.

The weekend also marked the slow slide into Easter carbs preparation, with sides of rehearsal chocolate (those ones you have in the many days leading up to Easter Sunday) although I'm saving the very special Easter Bilby and bunnies that my boss's wife bought me from Belle Fleur in Balmain. I think they'll be joining the swag of goodies we'll be taking along with us to stay our friend's farm in Bathurst over the weekend. Winter woollies, log fire, wine, scrabble and chocolate here we come!

Have a happy Easter everyone, whatever you have planned!


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