Thursday, February 24, 2011

whilst you're singing wildly along to...

Whilst I know there is technically only a few more days of Summer, I'm clinging on tight. One of my favourite treats of this Summer has been home-made mango granita.

It's easy as anything to make; something to do whilst you're dancing round the house in your coolest Summer dress listening/ singing wildly along to Queen (or whatever has been your seasonal soundtrack of choice). You just blend fresh chopped mangoes or you could use peaches, pineapple or banana. Freeze the mixture overnight in a wide, flat tray and then scrape up the ice crystals with a fork and pile into a bowl and voila!  My only word of caution with this one is bowl size and restraint. I ate quite an enormous amount when I made it the first time because it was so cold and refreshing and I did not want for dinner for a long while.

Hope you've got some nice weekend plans! We're off to Newcastle on Saturday and then plan to incorporate some beach time as the weekend progresses.  And if the weather is on form, more granita may be in order.

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