Saturday, July 9, 2011

lately, one saturday night

A few pictures from last weekend when our friend Cath invited us round for a lamb roast, mulled wine and apple crumble. It was the sort of night I could happily live in for a months at a time.

We gathered in the kitchen, drinking mugs of delicious, spicy, mulled wine and chatted enthusiastically about design, furniture, food and movies - a few of my favourite topics. Then out came the roast lamb, vegetables and gravy and I entered something of a food fugue state, transported to imaginary lands of rustic farmhouses where large families gather around communal tables for festive feasts. This feeling may have been enhanced somewhat by the setting itself - at one point Cath's flatmate came in and began softly playing guitar in the corner and I sat there feeling warm in the belly, slightly mulled and very very content.


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