Thursday, March 24, 2011

quiet and simple

I think with everything you like to do, sometimes there is a reluctance, a need for freshness or new inspiration. Even with cooking, I sometimes feel stuck in a rut, and uninclined to get my hands dirty.  In these moments, I often just enjoy the beautiful, quiet moments at the table with something simple: a piece of sweet fruit, a cup of strong tea to accompany a good book. Yesterday, I enjoyed a luscious pink grapefruit and quite a nice one it was too. I think it was the first grapefruit I've voluntarily sought out since a bad experience in Italy when I was about 8. Incredible how the mind holds onto food related memories.

In that vein and because I need some travelling vistas to jazz me up today, here are a few other food related travel moments from the last few years : 

2006 - A hilltop cafe in Austria and an odd but delicious coffee-milk ratio in Switzerland
2007 - The New Years Day queue for Schwartz's  beef and pickle sandwiches in Montreal
2008 - Exploring the lanes in Melbourne
2009/10 - Homemade waffles in Tokyo

Have you got any favourite travel food memories? I'd love to know. 

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