Monday, March 7, 2011

some bookend moments

Some bookend moments from the weekend. Toast featured highly and there was also some clandestine scoffing of yoghurt and lemon cakes. The sunset is from my parents' backyard (their neighbours have a rather unusual house).

Sadly I forgot to capture the magnificent dinner of roast beef and vegetables that our friends Bec, Robbie and Dash made for us on Saturday night - I was too busy marvelling at the gravy, the all round deliciousness, to remember to take photos. Thanks guys, I'm still licking my chops over that meal!

I have been busily working on a new project for the last few days so my apologies for lack of recipes. There has been cooking but it has been a bit of the rushed, necessity over excitement, variety. Never fear, I'll be back behind my apron in no time. Besides I have some new recently inherited cookware to try out. Exciting times!


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